Top 6 SEO Factors Google Loves

Do you always end up frustrated when trying a new SEO technique because you don’t get the results you expect? Even people who’ve been dabbling in the world of SEO for years can find themselves utterly confused, especially when Google releases a new update. Not to mention, it can prove challenging to keep up with all the latest developments while running your business at the same time. But by knowing the 6 SEO factors Google loves, you put yourself in a better position to attract high-quality leads.

1) Secure and accessible website

Your first order of business is to ensure that you have a secure and accessible website? Why, you might ask? The reason is that Google’s bots need to crawl your site easily. Otherwise, you risk hurting your ranking potential despite having high-quality content on your site. Remember that these bots aren’t as smart as humans. They must first reach your content before trying to understand what it’s all about. Adding a robot.txt file is a must. You should also include a sitemap that lists all the pages on your site.

2) Page speed

All SEOs would agree that page speed is one of the top 6 SEO factors Google loves. Google is constantly trying to improve user experience, and a fast-loading website will definitely help with that. As recently as July 2018, Google proved that they favor fast websites with the introduction of the “speed update.” This update means that if your website doesn’t load quickly on mobile devices, you might get penalized.

3) Mobile friendliness

Speaking of mobile devices, did you know that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches already? This comes as no surprise since pretty much anyone with a smartphone or tablet uses their mobile device to look up information online. More importantly, though, Google already uses a mobile-first index. This means that the algorithm draws results from mobile-friendly websites first. It’s more important than ever to optimize your website for mobile devices to give your site more chances of ranking higher.

4) Domain age and authority

It’s interesting to learn that 60% of all websites that have a web page ranking in the top ten are at least three years old. This means that if you already have an aged website, you can gain the upper hand against the competition especially if you implement the other tips found in this article. When it comes to domain names, steer clear of exact-match domains. Branded domains are now recommended. Even if the name of your website doesn’t seem to be connected to your niche, it’s a matter of building your brand through effective content marketing.

5) High-quality content

Content is king! This statement is so true that it has become a cliché in the world of SEO. But there’s a reason why you should pay attention to your content—whether it’s a blog, a video, an infographic, or any other kind of rich media. Google even said that content is among the top three ranking factors. Keyword research is critical here, as you must find keywords that drive in the right kind of visitors. You should also leverage LSI keywords so you wouldn’t end up using the same keyword repeatedly in your content.

6) Technical SEO

This is where many marketers start to stumble upon major challenges. Technical SEO involves a bit of coding. Without the technical know-how, how can you make sure you’re doing things correctly? Thankfully, most content management systems have made it so easy to get your technical SEO right. Start with your page titles and make sure they contain your target keyword. The header tags should also be used properly. The title should be formatted as h1 and then the h2 and h3 tags must be used for subheads. Meta descriptions and alt tags for images shouldn’t be ignored as well because they can give your page that extra ranking power.